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Existing Website Issues

Do you own a website right now? What do you think of it? Can you say at a glance how it is delivering return on the investment you have made? Or is it just a virtual signpost?

So what are the problems with existing websites?

  1. existing website issues wantawebsite want a website wordpressIf you have a brand new website then you are probably in a good position. It should be SEO capable (you should be in control of this, not some third party) and look new using current technology so visitors don’t feel like they have to blow the dust off to use it. Technologically it should also be modern inside, using HTML5, as well as a quality and performant CMS (Content Management System – I personally rate WordPress for many reasons). It ought to resolve properly (look great) on all major platform types, ranging from PCs to tablets and all the way down to smart devices such as phones. This is in your interest for a number of reasons, the main ones being to address a larger audience as well as SEO compliance. Can you tell me if your website is driving business for you? If you’re unsure of any of these points talk to me.
  2. If you have existing websites and it is a couple of years old or more, then it is possible it has become a mere sign post on the Internet. It won’t entice visitors (unless you have a unique and vital product or service – then you’re lucky!) or give Google what it wants to rank you for searches according to its own rules. If you want the money you are currently spending on it to give you any return at all then you really need a website refresh (build a new one).
  3. If you don’t have existing websites – well, you may be one of those lucky businesses that doesn’t need one. I often see small building/kitchen refurbishing/drive construction businesses advertising in local papers using only mobile phone numbers with no website or even social media as part of their marketing. I have often spoken to them and their justification is that they only need one deal to come from each instance of advert and they have made their money back. Perhaps they have no intention of growing their business or handing it down to their children. This form of marketing is acceptable practice then.

You will realise, of course, that with each of these three options there is a lot that can be done to pull back from this less than perfect position. I have worked with over a hundred small businesses over the last year and I have found precisely two with websites that are paying their way. I am not blaming the owners; fact is that everyone is told by advertising hosters on the telly how easy it is to build a website and yet they don’t talk about how you are supposed to make it work for your business. This is probably not a problem if you are a blogger as you often have an idea about keywords, social media and making your writing rise above the rest. For the rest of us it is likely that you are very good at your business but haven’t a real clue about websites. Why should you?

If you are unsure about any of the points I have raised or want to get more from the Internet, please get in touch with me. No obligation, just an honest chat.

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