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Business Websites – The Benefits

business websites want a website benefits of a business website

There are many articles out there that talk about the benefits of business websites. I, for one, have many websites I use to promote either my work or my writing. In addition to my daytime job I have the dubious honour of being a self-published author. I say dubious because it is quite a challenge … Read moreBusiness Websites – The Benefits

Existing Website Issues

existing websites wantawebsite want a website wordpress

Do you own a website right now? What do you think of it? Can you say at a glance how it is delivering return on the investment you have made? Or is it just a virtual signpost? So what are the problems with existing websites? If you have a brand new website then you are … Read moreExisting Website Issues

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

seo search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, frequently known as SEO, has a great deal of myth and legend surrounding it. Let me see if I can help you understand it a little better. Google, the largest of all search engines managing between 89 and 93% of the world’s searches, has developed a set of algorithms it uses to … Read moreSEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Website eCommerce – Is It Easy?

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According to Investopedia, Electronic commerce (website eCommerce) is a type of business model, or segment of a larger business model, that enables a firm or individual to conduct business over an electronic network, typically the internet. To us mere mortals in small business it is mostly the business model, not part of a larger one. … Read moreWebsite eCommerce – Is It Easy?

Accessible Websites

accessible websites wantawebsite want a website wordpress

You’ve just taken control of your new website; whether you built it yourself or had it built, have you asked the one important question: Accessible websites – is your one of them? What do I mean by accessible websites? When planning your website I imagine you focus a lot on your message and the content … Read moreAccessible Websites

Business Message – Is Yours Effective?

business message wantawebsite want a website wordpress

If you think this is about how to come up with an effective business message, you’re right – sort of. It’s more about understanding your own business – perhaps for the second time – before you choose to build or have someone build a new website, or even modify an existing one. I’ve spent the last few years … Read moreBusiness Message – Is Yours Effective?