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Business Message – Is Yours Effective?

If you think this is about how to come up with an effective business message, you’re right – sort of. It’s more about understanding your own business – perhaps for the second time – before you choose to build or have someone build a new website, or even modify an existing one.

business message wantawebsite want a website wordpressI’ve spent the last few years telling my clients how important it is to get the business message right. This, of course, is to be reflected on the business’s website.

There are many examples of the quality business message; mini versions exist as taglines on a website. In my opinion the best one was coined a few years ago now, ‘Does exactly what is says on the tin’ – it’s frequently paraphrased even now after all this time; personally, I’m waiting for it to be entered into the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

When you want a website built to promote your business its development should not be entered into lightly. While there are over 1 thousand million (USA 1bn) websites worldwide, the number of inactive or improperly managed ones is phenomenal! There are a few authoritative sites that claim a mere 7% of the world’s websites are anything like properly managed – this makes the majority of them highly ineffective and quite probably a waste of time and money. Think of this as an opportunity for you!

Most businesses without a website are by the nature of the situation small or start-ups. Consequentially there is also little available budget for it. But there is a need to have one, or so everyone says.

Is ‘everyone’ right? I think so. Let me explain.

You have a new business – or you have a business that is forever bubbling under and not going where perhaps you once thought it would. Have you recently considered the bigger picture? I don’t mean where your revenue comes from on a daily basis, but where the business is going. To discover that reality you need to ask yourself a few questions. If you have family, do you want them to inherit the business? Or is it your retirement plan? Or is it simply a lifestyle tick-over? Although these questions seem obvious they are actually quite apt and deep ones that you should use as the basis of your business plan.

Anyone who has owned their own business for a year or two knows the effect of the business autopilot. Activity equals doing something positive for the business, yes? Sadly, without proper focus this is rarely the case. Every time you do something for your business there is one question you need to ask. I’m not telling you what it is right now – having your own business ideally you should already know the answer. Many owners do not.

Your Business Message and Websites.

What has all this to do with having a business website? Easy – without a positive business message and measurable business plan the website will be no more successful than your business.

Most of the SME business owners I have interviewed and helped are bright and mostly still have the required drive for business – others at least used to have it. Almost all are intelligent and have the potential to do great things but for the insidious and gradual wandering off their chosen path.

One of the reasons for this gradual erosion of the business is spending large amounts of time working on their own and trying to drive their own efforts – being a sole trader or single-person business is a vastly underestimated challenge. Time to change that!

How can I help you?

I have over 30 years in business, with skills and experience ranging from technical all the way through to sales & marketing. A long time ago I discovered that I am a very good listener and problem analyst. I have had significant successes in my past that prove my ability.

A couple of hours periodically talking through aspects of the business works wonders – a third party often sees things that those closer to the business do not. Improving your understanding of where your own business is going and getting back on track will help you (re)define your business message for that new or soon-to-be-revised website.

If your website business message and proposition is sound then it stands to reason that with the right website your business will be discovered, visitors will get in touch and buy from you. And so your website increases its value rather than becoming one of those millions that fall by the wayside into mediocrity.

Having helped you to review your business (if that’s what you need) and derive an appropriate and clear business message, I will be pleased to build you a website and teach you how control it – after all, your website is your ultimate sales and marketing tool. I can also teach you some tricks to take advantage of social media without it occupying much of your precious time!

If you believe you are in control of your business and business proposition, I will be happy to build you a website that delivers your business, the way you want it, to your Internet audience.

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